Eric Wiemken - Member
Email: ewiemken@tinora.org
Phone: 419-344-7040

Laurie Flory - Member
Email: lflory@tinora.org
Phone: 419-497-4006

Mike Boff - President
Email: mboff@tinora.org
Phone: 419-782-2405

Ken Keller - Vice President
Email: kkeller@tinora.org
Phone: 419-784-5205

John Higbea - Member
Email: jhigbea@tinora.org
Phone: 419-439-0081


Dear Northeastern Local School Residents:

The Northeastern Local Board of Education welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year. In retrospect, the last school year was another remarkable year for our district.

As each year passes we are continually impressed with the accomplishments our students and faculty have achieved here at Tinora. This is what makes our district such an exceptional one – the determination to always improve.

The education of our young people has always been of great importance to the people of this community. We know that with strong support at all levels our district will remain a source of pride for our entire community. As a Board of Education, we are once again committed to providing the highest quality education available for all students.

We will continue to build on strong relationships with students, parents, staff and community members by listening and being visible. Thank you for allowing each of us to serve this district. Your board of education renews its commitment to support initiatives that are focused on improving instruction, learning and opportunities for students. Our monthly board meetings are listed in the enclosed calendar. We encourage you to attend any of them. Our teachers and administrators welcome your comments and concerns. We are all vital building blocks in the future of this community. It starts at home and carries on in the schools. Again, thank you for the support you continually provide to our school district. We will continue to work hard and represent you in doing what is best for the children of Northeastern Local Schools. Together with your support we will continue to make Tinora an excellent district and our students outstanding citizens.