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School Nurse: Mrs. Carol Hesterman

Email: chesterman@tinora.org

Work Phone: 419-906-9170

"You can't educate a child who isn't healthy, and you can't keep a child healthy who isn't educated." - J. Elders


September 4, 2020 - A Message to Parents/Guardians from the School Nurse in regards to school and COVID-19. Welcome back! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NF_4qCCp5B03L5...

August 2020 - If your child has a health condition that requires special accommodations or emergency medication at school please reach out to your child's school office as soon as possible. Also, reminder for Kindergarten, 7th Grade and 12th Grade parents whose child still needs the required immunizations for school. 

August 2020 - Tips for helping your child wear a mask: https://med.umich.edu/mott/thrive/tips-for-helping-kids-wear-masks

August 2020 - This is a great time to review proper hand hygiene with your children. Check out these great resources from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/handwashing-family.html .

August 2020 - The Defiance County General Health District has provided us with tips on how to prepare your child for back to school during this pandemic.

April 2020 - If you or someone you know is experiencing troubling sadness, anxiety or fear due to COVID-19 there is help available. Check out this resource brought to you by the Four County ADAMhs Board.


April 2020 - Handwashing is one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Trying to teach your kids to wash their hands correctly? Check out these great resources from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/handwashing-family.html .

April 2020 - Looking for ways to keep your kids moving and active without getting bored? Check out this fun list from Healthy Kids, Healthy Future: https://healthykidshealthyfuture.org/5-healthy-goals/get-kids-moving/classroom-activities/. My personal favorite is GoNoodle, plus it's FREE! 

4/8/2020 - Update: Dental Care Program postponed until further notice. 3/9/2020 - All students PreK-12 will be given a letter to take home sometime this week about the Dental Care Program coming to our school in April 2020. Consent forms are due Monday, March 30, 2020  April 6, 2020.  Link to view/print letter and consent form: School Dental Care Program and Consent Form